Название: CPython Internals: Your Guide to the Python 3 Interpreter (2020)

CPython Internals: Your Guide to the Python 3 Interpreter (2020)

Author: Anthony Shaw
Year: 2020
Publisher: Real Python
ISBN 9781775093343
Pages: 391
Language: Eng
Format: PDF
Size: 10 Mb

Content: Are there certain parts of Python that just seem magic? Like how dictionaries are so much faster than looping over a list to find an item.

How does a generator remember the state of the variables each time it yields a value, and why do you never have to allocate memory like other languages? It turns out, CPython, the most popular Python run-time is written in human-readable C and Python code.

CPython abstracts the complexities of the underlying C platform and your Operating System. It makes threading cross-platform and straightfoward. It takes the pain of memory management in C and makes it simple. CPython gives the developer writing Python code the platform to write scalable and performant applications.

At some stage in your progression as a Python developer, you need to understand how CPython works. These abstractions are not perfect, and they are leaky.

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