Название: Fighting Churn with Data (2020)

Fighting Churn with Data (2020)

Author: Carl Gold
Year: 2020
Publisher: Manning Publications
ISBN 9781617296529
Pages: 505
Language: Eng
Format: PDF
Size: 12 Mb

Content: The book is written from the point of view of a data person: whoever is expected to take the raw data and come up with useful findings to help in the fight against churn. That person may have the title of data scientist, data analyst, or machine learning engineer.

Or they may be someone else who knows a bit about data and code and is being asked to fill those shoes. The book uses Python and SQL, so it does assume that the data person is a coder.

Although I advocate spreadsheets for presentation and sharing data (as I detail in the book), I do not recommend attempting the main analytic tasks of churn fighting in spreadsheets: many tasks must be performed in sequence, and some of these tasks are nontrivial.

Also, there is a need to “rinse and repeat” the process multiple times. That kind of workflow is well suited to short programs but difficult in spreadsheets and graphical tools.

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