Название: Laws of UX (2020)

Laws of UX (2020)

Author: Jon Yablonski
Year: 2020
Publisher: O’Reilly Media
ISBN 978-1-492-05531-0
Pages: 153
Language: Eng
Format: PDF
Size: 21 Mb

Content: This book had its origins in what felt at the time like the most arduous point of my design career, while I was working on a very challenging client project.

From the beginning, there were several indications that it would be an exciting albeit difficult project: a relatively short timeline and a somewhat unfamiliar space, but a well-known brand and the chance to help design something that’d be seen by many across the world.

These have always been my favorite kinds of projects because they are the ones that offer the most opportunity to learn and grow, which I’ve always striven to do.

But this project was somewhat unique in one specific way: I was being asked to justify a number of design decisions to project stakeholders, without any data to support them.

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