Название: Full-Stack React, TypeScript, and Node (2020)

Full-Stack React, TypeScript, and Node (2020)

Author: David Choi
Year: 2020
Publisher: Packt Publishing
ISBN 978-1-83921-993-1
Pages: 648
Language: Eng
Format: PDF
Size: 26 Mb

Content: The JavaScript programming language is enormously powerful and capable, but in addition to the language, there are frameworks, including React and Node, that add to the language’s capabilities, making it even better.

On top of this, TypeScript has now become the standard for doing large JavaScript projects. It provides language features that make coding with JavaScript more productive and better suited for large applications.

Modern web development has advanced tremendously over the years. In the past, client code generally meant static HTML and CSS, with perhaps a tiny bit of JavaScript. And the backend was usually written in a completely different language, such as PHP or CGI scripts.

However, it is now common to write the entire application, from client to server, using only JavaScript and its related frameworks. This ability to write our applications using only a single language provides enormous benefits during development.

Furthermore, the robust and mature frameworks that are available make full stack programming in JavaScript competitive with any other platform.

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