Название: Graph Databases in Action

Graph Databases in Action

Author: Dave Bechberger, Josh Perryman
Year: 2020
Publisher: Manning Publications
ISBN 9781617296376
Pages: 338
Language: Eng
Format: PDF
Size: 4 Mb

Content: Relationships in data often look far more like a web than an orderly set of rows and columns.

Graph databases shine when it comes to revealing valuable insights within complex, interconnected data such as demographics, financial records, or computer networks.

In Graph Databases in Action, experts Dave Bechberger and Josh Perryman illuminate the design and implementation of graph databases in real-world applications.

You’ll learn how to choose the right database solutions for your tasks, and how to use your new knowledge to build agile, flexible, and high-performing graph-powered applications!

Graph Databases in Action introduces you to graph database concepts by comparing them with relational database constructs.

You’ll learn just enough theory to get started, then progress to hands-on development. Discover use cases involving social networking, recommendation engines, and personalization.

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