Название: Hacking — Rooting & Jailbreaking

Hacking - Rooting & Jailbreaking

Author: Alex Wagner
Year: 2020
Pages: 98
Language: Eng
Format: PDF
Size: 2 Mb

Content: To begin with, I would like to give a few major points on what this book is will cover. The tools that I will describe in this book are available for both white hat and black hat hacking.

Once applied the outcome will be the same in both cases. Nevertheless, it can lead to a terrible situation for the person using such hacking tools in any unauthorized manner, which might cause system damage or any system outage.

Anything legally authorized to help people or companies to find vulnerabilities and identify potential risks is fine. All tools I will describe, you should use for improving security posture only. I should sound a warning here.

If you are eager to learn about hacking and penetration testing, it’s recommended to build a home lab and practice using these tools in an isolated network that you have full control over, and it’s not connected to any production environment or the internet.

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