Название: Learn to Code by Solving Problems (2021)

Learn to Code by Solving Problems (2021)

Author: Daniel Zingaro
Year: 2021
Publisher: No Starch Press
ISBN 978-1-7185-0133-1
Pages: 339
Language: Eng
Format: PDF
Size: 2 Mb

Content: We use computers to accomplish tasks and to solve problems. For example, perhaps you’ve used a word processor to write an essay or letter.

Perhaps you’ve used a spreadsheet program to organize your finances. Perhaps you’ve used an image editor to touch up a picture. It’s hard to imagine doing these things these days without a computer.

We get a lot of mileage out of our word processors and spreadsheet programs and image editors. Those programs are written as general-purpose tools to accomplish a wide variety of tasks.

Ultimately, though, they’re programs written by others, not by us. What do we do when an off-the-shelf program doesn’t quite do what we need?

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