Название: Learning React (2020)

Learning React (2020)

Author: Alex Banks and Eve Porcello
Year: 2020
Publisher: O’Reilly Media
ISBN 978-1-492-05172-5
Pages: 488
Language: Eng
Format: PDF
Size: 4 Mb

Content: If you want to learn how to build efficient React applications, this is your book. Ideal for web developers and software engineers who understand how JavaScript, CSS, and HTML work in the browser, this updated edition provides best practices and patterns for writing modern React code.

No prior knowledge of React or functional JavaScript is necessary.

With their learning road map, authors Alex Banks and Eve Porcello show you how to create UIs that can deftly display changes without page reloads on large-scale, data-driven websites.

You’ll also discover how to work with functional programming and the latest ECMAScript features.

Once you learn how to build React components with this hands-on guide, you’ll understand just how useful React can be in your organization.

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