Название: Linux Security Fundamentals

Linux Security Fundamentals

Author: David Clinton
Year: 2021
Publisher: Sybex
ISBN 978-1-119-78146-2
Pages: 195
Language: Eng
Format: PDF
Size: 8 Mb

Content: Right off the top, I’d like to be clear about exactly what this book is and what it’s not. Linux Security Fundamentals is a guide to security best-practices for Linux admins.

It is not however a comprehensive guide to deploying secure workloads in Linux environments.

So don’t expect a lot of nuts and bolts demonstrations of complex administration tasks. We’re not even going to cover the core basics of the Linux command line. I’ll assume you’ve got all that already. This isn’t a very technical book.

In fact, there may be one or two chapters that don’t even specifically mention Linux. We won’t talk, say, about the detailed configuration settings controlling cgroups or setting up effective and bullet-proof Nagios servers–as important as they are.

For that kind of detail, you can consult Chris Negus’ Linux Bible–or the Ubuntu Bible that I wrote in collaboration with Chris. Instead, this book will quickly deliver the big-picture security knowledge that every admin should know (but often doesn’t). The trick here, is that all that knowledge will delivered within a Linux context.

So, for instance, along with the big-picture stuff you can expect to learn how to install the OpenVAS vulnerability scanner, construct a firewall using iptables, or build a custom Wireguard VPN. But don’t expect to find that kind of technical detail in every chapter.

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