Название: Machine Learning For Absolute Beginners

Machine Learning For Absolute Beginners

Author: Oliver Theobald
Year: 2017
Publisher: Scatterplot Press
ISBN 1549617214
Pages: 155
Language: Eng
Format: PDF
Size: 2 Mb

Content: Please note that this book is not a sequel to the First Edition, but rather a restructured and revamped version of the First Edition.

Ready to crank up a virtual server and smash through petabytes of data? Want to add ‘Machine

Learning’ to your LinkedIn profile?

Well, hold on there…

Before you embark on your epic journey into the world of machine learning, there is some theory and statistical principles to march through first.

But rather than spend $30-$50 USD on a dense long textbook, you may want to read this book first. As a clear and concise alternative to a textbook, this book provides a practical and high-level introduction to the practical components and statistical concepts found in machine learning.

Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners Second Edition has been written and designed for absolute beginners. This means plain-English explanations and no coding experience required.

Where core algorithms are introduced, clear explanations and visual examples are added to make it easy and engaging to follow along at home.

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