Название: Machine Learning Refined

Machine Learning Refined

Author: Watt J., Borhani R., Katsaggelos A.
Year: 2020
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN 978-1-108-48072-7
Pages: 593
Language: Eng
Format: PDF
Size: 12 Mb

Content: With its intuitive yet rigorous approach to machine learning, this text provides students with the fundamental knowledge and practical tools needed to conduct research and build data-driven products.

The authors prioritize geometric intuition and algorithmic thinking, and include detail on all the essential mathematical prerequisites, to offer a fresh and accessible way to learn.

Practical applications are emphasized, with examples from disciplines including computer vision, natural language processing, economics, neuroscience, recommender systems, physics, and biology.

Over 300 color illustrations are included and have been meticulously designed to enable an intuitive grasp of technical concepts, and over 100 in-depth coding exercises Python (in) provide a real understanding of crucial machine learning algorithms.

A suite of online resources including sample code, data sets, interactive lecture slides, and a solutions manual are provided online, making this an ideal text both for graduate courses on machine learning and for individual reference and self-study.

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