Название: Mastering Machine Learning with Python in Six Steps

Mastering Machine Learning with Python in Six Steps

Author: Manohar Swamynathan
Year: 2019
Publisher: APress
ISBN 978-1-4842-4946-8
Pages: 469
Language: Eng
Format: PDF
Size: 10 Mb

Content: Explore fundamental to advanced Python 3 topics in six steps, all designed to make you a worthy practitioner.

This updated version’s approach is based on the “six degrees of separation” theory, which states that everyone and everything is a maximum of six steps away and presents each topic in two parts: theoretical concepts and practical implementation using suitable Python 3 packages.

You’ll start with the fundamentals of Python 3 programming language, machine learning history, evolution, and the system development frameworks.

Key data mining analysis concepts, such as exploratory analysis, feature dimension reduction, regressions, time series forecasting and their efficient implementation in Scikit-learn are covered as well.

You’ll also learn commonly used model diagnostic and tuning techniques.

These include optimal probability cutoff point for class creation, variance, bias, bagging, boosting, ensemble voting, grid search, random search, Bayesian optimization, and the noise reduction technique for IoT data.

Finally, you’ll review advanced text mining techniques, recommender systems, neural networks, deep learning, reinforcement learning techniques and their implementation.

All the code presented in the book will be available in the form of iPython notebooks to enable you to try out these examples and extend them to your advantage.

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