Название: Python for Geospatial Data Analysis (2022)

Python for Geospatial Data Analysis (2022)

Author: Bonny P. McClain
Year: 2022
Publisher: O’Reilly
ISBN 978-1-098-10472-6
Pages: 61
Language: Eng
Format: PDF
Size: 9 Mb

Content: Are you a geographer, geologist, or computer scientist? Impressive if you answered yes, but I am a spatial data analyst. In a nutshell, I am interested in exploring data and integrating location.

Now that access to location data and geospatial datasets is fairly ubiquitous, most of us are becoming data curious regardless of professional title or area of study.

Appreciating the where in our analyses introduces a new dimension of comprehending the impact of a wider variety of features on a particular observation or outcome. I spend a lot of professional time examining public health data and large open source datasets in healthcare.

Once you become familiar with geocoding and spatial files, not only can you curate insights across multiple domains but you will also be able to target areas where profound gaps exist.

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