Название: The Little Book of HTML/CSS Frameworks


Автор: Jens Oliver Meiert
Год: 2015
Издательство: O’Reilly
ISBN: 978-1-491-92016-9
Страниц: 64
Language: English
Формат: MOBI
Размер: 19 Mb

Описание: With the speed of web development today, it’s little wonder that so many frameworks are available, since they come with a promise of saving development and design time. But using the wrong framework, or wrongly using the right framework, can be costly. This concise book shares higher-level ideas around web development frameworks that govern HTML and CSS code, whether you’re looking at an external option or planning to build your own. Author Jens Meiert outlines various principles, methods, and practices that you can use to make sure your framework has the functionality you need without bloated code to slow you down.

  • Choose a framework that can be tailored and extended
  • Stick to framework ground rules: follow the documentation and don’t overwrite framework code
  • Build a framework by means of a prototype: a static internal website that includes all the page types and elements you need
  • Focus on quality assurance during the development process, and quality control to find and fix framework issues
  • Diligently maintain and update your framework, whether it’s for internal or external use
  • Anchor your documentation right where development happens

Jens Oliver Meiert is a former senior developer and tech lead at Google, Aperto, and GMX, where he architected internal frameworks that married fast development with high quality code.

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