Название: Tiny Python Projects (2020)

Tiny Python Projects (2020)

Author: Ken Youens-Clark
Year: 2020
Publisher: Manning
ISBN 9781617297519
Pages: 439
Language: Eng
Format: PDF
Size: 14 Mb

Content: Python is an excellent, general-purpose programming language. You can write a program to send secret messages to your friends or to play chess.

There are Python modules to help you wrangle complex scientific data, explore machine learning algorithms, and generate publication-ready graphics. M

any college-level computer science programs have moved away from languages like C and Java to Python as their introductory language because Python is a relatively easy language to learn.

We can use Python to study fundamental and powerful ideas from computer science. As I show you ideas like regular expressions and higher-order functions, I hope to encourage you to study further.

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