Название: TypeScript Design Patterns

TypeScript Design Patterns

Author: Vilic Vane
Year: 2016
Publisher: Packt Publishing
ISBN 978-1-78528-083-2
Pages: 249
Language: Eng
Format: PDF
Size: 6 Mb

Content: It wasn’t a long time ago that many JavaScript engineers or, most of the time, web frontend engineers, were still focusing on solving detailed technical issues, such as how to lay out specific content cross-browsers and how to send requests cross-domains.

At that time, a good web frontend engineer was usually expected to have notable experience on how detailed features can be implemented with existing APIs. Only a few people cared about how to write application-scale JavaScript because the interaction on a web page was really simple and no one wrote ASP in JavaScript. However, the situation has changed tremendously.

JavaScript has become the only language that runs everywhere, cross-platform and cross-device. In the main battlefield, interactions on the Web become more and more complex, and people are moving business logic from the backend to the frontend. With the growth of the Node.js community, JavaScript is playing a more and more important roles in our life.

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