Название: Web Security for Developers

Web Security for Developers

Author: Malcolm McDonald
Year: 2020
Publisher: No Starch Press
ISBN 978-1-5932-7994-3
Pages: 216
Language: Eng
Format: PDF
Size: 3 Mb

Content: The web is a wild place. It’s easy to get the impression that the internet was designed very deliberately by experts and that everything works as it does for a good reason.

In fact, the evolution of the internet has been rapid and hap-hazard, and the things we do on the network today go well beyond what the original inventors imagined.

As a result, securing your website can seem like a daunting proposition. Websites are a unique type of software that is available to millions of users immediately upon release, including an active and motivated community of hackers.

Big companies routinely suffer security failures, and new data breaches are announced every week. How is a lone web developer supposed to protect themselves in the face of this?

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