Название: Windows Hacking: crack all cool stuff of windows


Автор: Expert Team of Planet Knowledge
Год: 2015
Издательство: Planet Knowledge
Страниц: 104
Language: English
Формат: PDF
Размер: 2 Mb

Описание: This book has been published for education purpose only. It does not in deem to legitimize certain steps that may be illegal under applicable law and organization policies in different parts of the world. This book does not contain any legal permission on what may be deemed as legal. Readers are advised to examine the privacy policy, organization policies and the laws of respective countries before taking their own decisions. They cannot rely on the present publication as a defence in any proceeding. The publisher and author are not liable for any steps that a reader may take based on this publication and are not responsible for any steps that may have been taken after reading the publication. Microsoft Windows and any other marks used (Pictures, Screen Shots, etc.) have been used descriptively as the marks are owned by third parties.

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